Amazing Fibonacci

As a computer science student, I have used Fibonacci in some mathematical programming exercise but I don't recall what was it about. There were a lot of mentioning about Fibonacci and a lot of example pictures. I can remember about the shell that was expanding like Fibonacci when you think about it. Here is a picture about it:

It's amazing when you learn that some math is also in art and that really interests me. It was very nice to know this. Next time when looking at some pictures that has some kind of middle point then I will look closer if it has some relations towards Fibonacci.

Week 5: Scale, Repetition and Deconstruction

Messing up the picture with the picture Week 5
On the fifth week, we were discussing about Dada, the famous artist that used red borders in the picture, messed up pictures with different kinds of "things" that didn't really make any sense. Using different fonts and messing up with straight lines and colors. That's what we call art.

On the tutorial we are using 3 found images. First image we should use for scaling which means that we have the picture in different sizes and we put them in smaller picture and figure out what effect it does:

I left the three heroes small on the bottom left corner and enlarged castle, mountains plants, mushrooms and a temple or house next to mountain. The meaning of the picture has changed: The heroes or adventurers are now smaller as they are in the giants' world that has dangerous plants and huge castle. The size of the castle is almost twice larger and it makes me think that adventurers are going to have a lot more trouble inside it t…

Week 4: Lines

The magic of lines Week 4
At the start of week 4 tutorial. We are told to draw line on board and I though there aren’t that many variety of lines. I thought that lines should be straight but it doesn’t have to be! It can be anything. I have selected two pictures of which I should choose one:

I chose the left picture in the end because of the bridge curves away. Our first task is to draw the outlines of the picture using tracing paper. It was first time using tracing paper for me. I couldn’t see what I draw until the very end when I took tracing paper off the found picture which felt weird. I was missing some lines when I took the tracing paper out and I eventually fixed it.

The second task is to draw focusing on picture’s details. I wanted to focus on lines that were not going along with the helix and shadows and darker spots. I also included the details under the helix bridge to see that there is a walking path on the bridge.

On our last task, I have to focus on the thickness of the pencil…

Week 3: Constructive Critique Model – individual

Holocaust memorial in BerlinExercise 0B Constructive Critique Model – individual

This week’s agenda is to analyse a picture selected picture from anywhere. Analyse the artwork or design using the Constructive Criticism Model.

Author: Shahak Shapira The author has taken a person who has posed at the memorial place and blended it with a picture of the corpses of the holocaust’s victims. Work link: http://metro.co.uk/2017/01/19/powerful-images-that-show-why-holocaust-selfies-are-so-disrespectful-6391091/
At first, I only looked at the left picture where the girl was doing an acrobatic move against the wall of memorial stone. I didn’t think that deeply of the murdered people but then the picture of the right really visualised that for me. It made me feel anger and think about how disrespectful and ignorant people are. It also got me feel how selfish people are. By taking a picture of the known place like this and trying to get as many likes feels very wrong. It loses the idea of why …

Week 3: Constructive Critique Model

Exercise 0B - Group
We analysed a picture from series called Hannibal. The picture is more scary when it is black and white. The picture contains a lot of emotions. The person seems to trapped and wants to express himself in this picture. Another point of view was devoid of emotion. Looking into this eye, you can feel the emptiness. The fear of the unknown and what the person in the picture is thinking makes you fear.

The original TV series is about human eating human which is very terrifying and it can be sensed from this picture. A lot of negative feeling and fear comes out of this picture.

Even though this man looks like normal on the outside but from the inside he can be a cannibal. You should never judge the book by its cover.

This picture is a part of the face, reflected from the side of the eye and part of the chin. When analyzing the picture, the student said: "eyes are the window to the soul", but I felt an empty soul while looking at this picture. Like a blank fac…

Week 1-3: Principles of visual communication

NM2208 - Principles of visual communicationExercise 0 A
Virtual Glasses, Temperature Capsule and Sensor Suit
Why does this make me creative?
Sensor Suit keeps your body active while in virtual reality. I am usually more creative when I have a balanced lifestyle: Eating healthy, exercising and working. This suit keeps me moving and sensing different things in another world. Using virtual reality and just by thinking of something then the object will appear in the other world. 
When I am making something like a machine or robot. I want to visualize it with these Virtual glasses first. When selecting material for the machine, I will get different choices of colors and just by thinking of the robot's shape, it will change inside the virtual world.
This helps me to be creative because I have super powers in the other world. I can think of a lot of things when I am at the beach or on top of the sky tower. I can go to these places by teleportation. I will have my mind in the very calm st…